Matters Arising From AGM

Shaun advised he still requires many more before/after images to fulfill our commitment for the grant we received from the Creative Communities Funding Scheme.   It is up to each and every member to partake in this exercise, and time is of the essence.

The offer from Wharepuke Art Gallery was deferred to our March meeting due to a full programme this month.

Matters Arising from Committee/Sub-Committee meeting.

The change of format for our monthly meeting was read out (A copy of which is attached to this newsletter) followed by a five minute Question Time.


Vin gave his presentation on the workings and benefits of the PSNZ.    Vin enlightened many of us on the finer points and one of the benefits being a substantial discount given when attending any of the Conventions.   Vin felt the conventions were well worth attending and the workshops associated with these were very beneficial.    He went on to explain how to apply for a Licentiateship (LPSNZ)   the starting point of the Society’s honours ladder.    Any financial member of a Club affiliated to PSNZ can apply for an ‘L’     You do not have to be an individual member of PSNZ.

General Business.

John asked for a letter to be written to the PSNZ to see if we can get some clarification for ‘Judges Standards.’

Ps.    A website has been forwarded to the judges for their perusal (written by a PSNZ member.)   This website covers many aspects of judging, but if this does not cover all that is required, the PSNZ will be contacted directly.

It was bought to our attention that we are not covering all aspects of digital imagery.    Doug has covered this in his ‘President’s Comments.’    I am also pleased to advise Doug will be writing a ‘President’s Comments’ each month, and these will be attached to this monthly newsletter.

Our next meeting will be at Cherry Park House, Landing Road, Kerikeri.   7pm start on the 8th March, 2012.