July 2011 Newsletter Sunday, Jul 24 2011 

As there was very little business to discuss, Denis got straight into his presentation on Diptrychs and Triptychs.   First we watched a video which you can see again at tv.adobe.com called ‘The Complete Picture.’   This video dealt with ‘Pairing Your Images’ showing the sort of images that work well together.   This was most interesting as it made you think outside the square as to why two images relate to each other.

We then looked through the entries for Toy Story.   This was disappointing as only two members have presented images, and remember we need to choose our best ten to have any chance in this Interclub event.   Hopefully by now more images will have been emailed to Denis, as time is running out.

As we had to present these images earlier than expected, the subject for our August meeting has changed from the ‘Yearly Programme.’    The subject therefore  for August will be ‘Open Colour.’

Welcome to our three new members.   Hope you all enjoyed the evening and you will be back again in Kerikeri for our next meeting.

The next meeting will be on the 11th August, at Cherry Park House, Landing Road, Kerikeri starting at 7pm.


June 2011 Newsletter Monday, Jun 20 2011 

Things were changed around at this meeting, with Jill getting straight into her presentation on Highlights and Shadows.   Thanks Jill, and now we will all be more aware of checking the histogram right from when the image is taken.   If the histogram is ignored, it is just another area which could become ‘hit and miss.’

The following is an email sent to me by Claire Giesbers which is self explanatory.

I have been asked to see if there is anyone in the club who would be prepared to judge a photograph competition in Kerikeri in August.    This is for the Storylines festival, and will consist of a competition for three age groups – I think they were under 5’s;  5-11 years, and 11-16 years.   There would be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for each group, and all entries will be received before the actual day.   There is no need for any commentary to be given.   The theme is along the lines of ‘Paws and Claws, Fur and Feathers.’   At this stage the Storylines festival is in very early planning stages, and I will be able to provide more (and more accurate) details as planning progresses.    If there is anyone prepared to take this on, could they please contact me.

Claire’s email address is amcg@ihug.co.nz or phone  401 4980.

Claire Buckley brought up an interesting topic regarding assignments for Camera Club members to carry out after listening to a presentation.    This could be incorporated with the subject for the following meeting, or as a separate assignment.    This seems to be a good suggestion, which will be discussed at our next Committee meeting.

At our July meeting, Denis will be giving a presentation on Diptychs and Triptychs.   This is a meeting not to be missed, as the subject for our November meeting will be the same.

The subject for the July meeting is Black/White or Sepia, which will be on the 14th July at Kaikohe Citizen’s Hall,Tawanui Road, Kaikohe at 7 pm.

May 2011 Newsletter Sunday, May 22 2011 

At our April meeting Doug gave a great presentation on Landscape Photography.   It was obvious by the presentation that Doug had given this a lot of time and thought, with it all being presented and projected on to the screen.   It is all the finer detail that can be learnt from a lesson like this.   Great presentation and much appreciated Doug.

Vin brought along images of a small project he had been working on.   It involved two different types of light bulbs and a hammer  –  fascinating.   Thanks Vin.   All good for thinking about.

Just a reminder, digital images are to be presented as follows:-
The correct size for projection use is 1024 x 768.   If the image is in portrait orientation, the sides are to be filled with black or dark grey to fill the screen.    Also each image is to be named as follows:-   Competition Name – Member No. – Number sequence.    Eg.   Celebration – 22 – 1 (2 or 3)

We have had many request for a list of members names – phone numbers and email addresses, so they can be given out to all members.    If you are happy to have your details given out in this way,  please advise me by return email.    If I do not receive an email from you, your name will NOT be included.   I will then endeavour to have this list emailed out to you all before our next meeting.

Dot was able to advise us the Camera Club started on the 27th February 1984.    Therefore the 30th Anniversary of the Club will be 27/2/2014.

The Toy Story subject was discussed with many ideas coming forward.

  1. Rusty old Matchbox Toy cars positioned among long grass to look as if they have been much loved, but now discarded.   Setting the scene right would make this very realistic.
  2. Ideas from the film Toy Story.   Children heading towards their teens, but still could not part with their ‘comfort’ toys.
  3. Big boys and their toys – Boats, cars etc.
  4. Remote controlled toys.

Our workshop at Cherry Park House on the 11th May was most enjoyable.   Thanks John for sharing all your knowledge.   As with Doug’s presentation, it is all the little bits of knowledge we get from these workshops, that will help us all to eventually become better photographers.

At our June meeting, Jill will give her presentation on HDR photography.   This sounds rather daunting if it is new to you, but I’m sure Jill will enlighten us all.

The subject is ‘Celebration’ for the 9th June meeting at Cherry Park House,Landing Road, Kerikeri, starting at 7pm.

April 2011 Newsletter Monday, Apr 25 2011 

April Meeting:

Present:-  Denis, John P, Steve, Claire B, Coral, John S, Lyniss, Jill, Delwyn, Diane R, Ray, Shaun, Vin, Roger, Diane A, Dot, Alan, Grace, Irene and Doug.

New Potential Member:-   Liana

Welcome to our club Liana.   Hope you enjoyed the evening and will be a full member soon.

Denis read through Incoming Mail, including plenty of workshops/competitions etc. for anybody who is interested.

The grading and points given to our images for Club Nights was discussed and they are as follows:- Accept 1 – Merit 2– Commended 3 – Highly Commended 4 – Honours 5

Last month’s competition for Book Titles was misunderstood by some members.   ‘An image depicting a Book Title’ was asked for, but some took this as ‘making a book cover.’    Because of this, a few were marked down.

Irene gave her presentation on ‘Printing on Canvas etc.’    This was a great success with everybody showing a lot of interest.   Thanks Irene for putting so much work into this prior to the meeting.   I am sure many have gone home with great ideas on new ways to use their images. (Editors Note: The notes for this are in the Download section.)

Denis then went over our ‘Summertime’ images reading out the judges comments.   Both John P and Steve were very informative as to what they would have done to improve the images.    This is such a good way for us all to learn how to look at an image and to know what can be done to improve it.

Referring back to the ‘Self Assignment Project’ we discussed earlier, we have now set a date for these to be presented.    We require four images telling a story, and set out in a similar way as we did the Mountain Trophy.   Remembering the Mountain Trophy this year is a Diptych or Triptych (Digital)   This new assignment is for four prints set out on card no larger than 40cm x 50cm in size.   The judging will be based on originality, and how the story/project/event etc. is revealed.

The project entry date will be 10th November, the same night as the Mountain Trophy entries.    Therefore on that night we will have both digital and prints to bring along, and the results will be announced at the AGM Pot Luck Dinner on the 8th December.

The subject for next month is ‘Weather.’  The subject for our Interclub Competition this year is ‘Toy Story’ but it appears  some are struggling to come up with ideas for this.   We have therefore decided to have a discussion on this at our May meeting.   Any ideas could be ‘thrown in the middle and tossed around’ and hopefully we will all go home with a clearer idea as to how to attack it.

Just a reminder about our nightly $3.00 supper fee.   This is very easily overlooked on the night, but it is needed to keep us on the right side of the ledger.    The best way to remember is to take your name tag as you pay, and then there is no doubt.

We are working on having a workshop in May sometime, but at this stage a date has not been finalized.    An email will be sent out just as soon as a date is decided on.

Our next meeting will be the 12th May at Kaikohe Senior Citizen’s Hall,Tawanui Road, Kaikohe at 7 pm.

March 2011 Newsletter Thursday, Mar 17 2011 

Present:- Doug, Denis, Alan, Diane A, Claire B, Jill, Coral, Roger, Lyniss, Grace, Diane R, Ray, Delwyn and Claire G.

Apologies:- Dot, Shaun and Irene

Our meeting with the Cherry Park House Committee was discussed,  and it was decided to keep the Dark Room at that venue. Denis will inform them of this. Claire B. has agreed to catalogue the photography books we have in the dark room, and she will also keep a record of books signed out and also their return. If anybody has any photography books they would like to donate to the Club, please bring them along next month, and they will be gratefully received.

Denis asked Alan to check with the ASB as to when the Club first opened their account, as we are still trying to establish just how old the Club is.

Doug announced our Club Logo Competition which hopefully everyone will partake in.   It would be good for the Club to have its own logo and for it to be used on any correspondence  etc.

There isn’t any ‘prize’ as such, just the honour of seeing your design chosen.

Doug also announced a ‘Self Assignment Project’ for us all to think about through the year.   We would like four images that all relate to each other.  Eg.  The Four Seasons, A Flower From Bud to an Open Bloom etc. etc.   If we start giving it some thought now, we should get some outstanding entries.

Jill then gave us a great insight into metering and focusing. Thanks so much Jill. You had obviously given this a lot of time and thought, even handing out some very interesting literature for us to take home and study. You have now set the bar very high for us all to follow and this might take a bit of doing. Thanks again.

Next month Irene is going to talk on ‘Printing on Canvas’ which will be most interesting. Irene has also had some great ideas on how to use your photos in different project, so try not to miss this meeting.

As Jill’s discussion made us all think about how we focus our cameras in different situations etc. it was decided to start at 6.30pm  (our next meeting at Cherry House) for anybody who is interested in a ‘hands-on’ half hour.    The normal meeting will start at 7 pm as usual, but if you would like to bring your camera along and have Jill there to advise you on the above, you are welcome to do so.

The subject for next months competition is ‘Landscapes’ and as you know this is a trophy subject. This time they are to be presented as prints, not digital.

Our next meeting will be on April 14th, at Cherry Park House, Landing Road, Kerikeri at 7pm.





February 2011 Newsletter No2 Thursday, Feb 17 2011 

Present:- Jill, John P, Coral, Denis, Claire, Wally, Grace, John S, Irene, Doug, Vin, Roger, Dot, Diane and Alan.

New Potential Members:- Nicola, Diane, Ray and Kevin.

Apologies – Delwyn

Welcome to our four new members. We hope you enjoyed the evening and will be back again next month.

After going through the incoming mail, Denis gave a run-down on the Rules and Regulations of Digital Images when entering them into competitions.  This was most interesting as next months meeting will be in digital form only.

Next John Perkins covered the basic workings of a camera. John made this a most interesting discussion, which new and old photographers participated in, which is what we are looking for. All learning from each other.

Time caught up with us a little, and I missed giving out the Questionnaire we would like you to complete, giving us more ideas on what you would like to learn from Camera Club. Also Doug missed announcing our ‘Logo’ Competition. Hopefully at our March meeting we will be more organized and these two things will be covered.

Irene has made new brochures for advertising our Club. These have now been given to a few members in each area, to see if they can be put on Notice Boards etc. around the area.

At our March meeting we are going to discuss Camera Metering and Focusing. Another part of photography which is most essential to have correct. We are hoping everyone will partake in this discussion, therefore all learning from each other.

Our subject for next month is ‘Book Title’. A photo relating to a book title. This should be most interesting, giving everyone a wide range to choose from. Don’t forget it is DIGITAL ONLY.

Our next meeting will be on March 10th,  at Kaikohe Citizen’s Hall, Tawanui Road, Kaikohe at 7pm.

February 2011 Newsletter Sunday, Feb 6 2011 

Welcome back for 2011.

At our next meeting in Kerikeri on Thursday 10th February 2011, John Perkins is going to give a resume on the basic workings of a camera.    Setting the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO etc., and how they work in unison.    As we have a number of potential new members, this should be a great way to start.   Therefore if you know of anyone else who might be interested in joining our Club, this meeting would be of great interest to them.

Denis will be going over the requirements needed for our new digital format, which as you know, will be run in March, May, June, August, October and November this year.   Also the Interclub Competition this year will be digital.

Doug will be announcing a challenge for us all to think about – more on that at the meeting…

Don’t forget Shaun would like all the Before/After photos to be brought along, so this can all be finalized.

The following is a list of ‘ratings’ which our images are given when judged each month.   We all look forward to reading the comments from the judges and then we have some idea as to how we can improve.   The ratings are as follows:-  Accept, Merit, Commended, Highly Commended and Honours.

Good Luck for 2011.

November 2010 Newsletter Thursday, Dec 2 2010 

Present:-    Leonie, Roger, Vin, Dot, Graham, Wally, Denis, Coral, Grace, John S. Alan, Avis and Lynnis

Apologies:-  Irene and Doug Dysart

Denis went through the ten photos that had been chosen for the Interclub Competition, the subject being ‘Water’.   It was interesting to hear the judge’s remarks (on the back of each photo) and how many points each one had scored.

I must apologize for not outlining the Oct. Club competition in the last newsletter.   Nobody realized it was in fact for the Mountain Trophy, which entails four images presented on 2 x A4 size backing sheets.   As all images were presented ‘singlely’ they will be judged as such for this year.   Denis has suggested we need to move into digital photography more next year and therefore we should look at changing the format of the Mountain Trophy.   Maybe we could look at either Diptych or Triptych photography which sounds challenging but very exciting.

Avis brought along her ‘Momento’ Photo Album for us to see.   This is something that can be downloaded off the Internet for free, where you design your own layout using your own photos and then it is made into a hardbacked album (which you pay for).   Another great option for presenting our images.

As digital photography is becoming more popular, Denis gave us a few pointers on dimensions etc. for presentation purposes.

For presentation on a projector, the size is very important.

Maximum size – 1024px. Wide and 768 px. High.
They must be jpgs.   Also fill sides on a portrait image or top and bottom on a landscape image with black to bring it up to the 1024px x 768px. Size.

The night was not without some drama, when Vin had a nasty fall down those steep concrete steps.    Thanks to Avis for taking Vin home for the night, as he was not in a good state to drive all the way home to Russell.    Vin phoned today, and I am pleased to advise he is well on the road to recovery and is off on a good holiday.     Look after yourself Vin and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year, without your 2 black eyes and bumps and bruises.

As this is the last newsletter for the year, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas, but hope to see you ALL at the AGM, with a plate, on the 9th December at 6pm.

Kaikohe Citizen’s Hall, Tawanui Road, Kaikohe.

October 2010 Newsletter Saturday, Nov 6 2010 

Present:-  Diane, Roger, Alan, Liz, Irene, Doug, Rob, Vin, Denis, Coral, Alex, Wally and Shaun.

New Members:-  Graham Rye and Delwyn Walker

Welcome to our two new potential members.  Hope you both become full participating financial members next year.

Final arrangements were discussed re the Interclub Competition evening to be held in Whangarei on Wednesday October 20th.   It appeared we were going to be very short on members attending this function, but after numerous phone calls we got the number needed to run the evening successfully.

I can now report the evening was a great success, with many comments coming from other clubs that it was very well organized.    A credit to all who attended.   Thankyou for all the work that was put in to achieve this.

As you can see by the photos below (thanks to Vin) we certainly did not disgrace ourselves.

Whangarei Club came first, Mid North and Wellsford tied for Second, and Dargaville came third.

The second photo is of Denis with the image that won the overall prize.   The colours in this image were beautiful.   It is an image looking through water to the rocks below, taken by a member of the Wellsford Club.

Whangarei Club will be hosting the evening next year, and this time it is going to be ‘Digital Only.’   (No prints)   The subject will be ‘Toy Story.’

Our next competition is the Waimate Show to be held on the 13th November.   Conditions of Entry and Entry Forms can be downloaded from:   www.bayofislandsshow.co.nz (pages 17 & 29)

Categories are:-

A. People at work and play
B. Child Study
C. Landscape/Seascape
D. Black and White/Sepia (open)
E. Colour (open)
F. Children’s Section (open)

November meeting –  Thursday 11th November 2010
7pm at Cherry House, Landing Road, Kerikeri

September 2010 Newsletter Sunday, Oct 10 2010 

Present:-  Dot, Diane, Vin, Jill, Coral, Leonie, Roger, John, Julianna, Alan, Denis, Shaun, Wally, Doug, Irene, Grace, Jenny

Welcome to our three new potential members Jairam, Xennon and Ian.   Hope you enjoyed the meeting, and you will all become full members in the New Year.

Interclub Competition:-   Coral to check with Whangarei re supper and raffle etc.

Denis requested more ‘Water” photos be presented if possible as ten photos have to be chosen from our Club.   Our three new members were keen to participate.   At next weeks meeting we hope to hear what photos were chosen.

Bay of Islands Show – 13th November.   Coral to check with McFadzien’s re Entry forms and schedules for the Photo Section.

Referring back to Shaun’s old/new photos, and seeing so many of the ‘old’ photos taken last month, it will be interesting to see some ‘new’ results this month.   Don’t forget to bring them along so we can see the results.

We would like your suggestions as to what you would like to learn/participate in from our Club.  It would be much appreciated if you complete the form attached to the emailed newsletter and bring it to the meeting next week to help the Committee plan our schedule for next year.  No name is required and if you are not attending this meeting, please email it back to me (as above) or Denis at denis@deniswilford.com

Many requests have been put forward from both members and new members re more workshops next year.   All our new members are eager to learn more and to participate in these.   Maybe at our AGM in December we could look at making a sub-committee whose responsibility it would be to organize a monthly workshop or speakers that would benefit us all.

October meeting – Thursday 14th October 2010.   7pm at Kaikohe Citizen’s Hall, Tawanui Road, Kaikohe.

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