Welcome back for 2012.

At our first meeting for the year on Thursday 9th February 2012 at Kaikohe, Vin is going to give us an insight into the workings and benefits of the PSNZ.    It appears few of us understand the benefits of belonging as individuals, as compared with membership through our Club.

The following is a list of ‘ratings’ which our images are given when judged each month.    We all look forward to reading the comments from the judges, and then we have some idea as to how we can improve.   The ratings are as follows:-



Above is our Honorary Photographer to the Kaikohe A P & H Assoc. Inc. who is about to go aloft in a Top Energy bucket on his official business.

(Good on you Shaun  –  and thanks to photographer Vin.)

If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining our Club, please invite them along to join us.