After a very disruptive start to our meeting (one very drunk intruder who certainly was not there to learn about photography) Steve proceeded with his most interesting talk.   Steve touched on many interesting aspects of photography and with many questions being asked by members it became a very informative night.   The three main filters Steve uses are 1.  Polarizing filter for landscapes etc. and in particular rainbows.   2.   81b filter – used in bush etc. where there is a lot of green and 3.   Graduated filter.  This is used mainly to dull down bright sky.

As Steve does a lot of bird photography he showed us the Better Beamer Flash Extender which he uses.   If anyone is interested in taking this further, go to the ‘birdsasart’ website, where they are available to purchase.

Thanks so much Steve for your time and effort and we were all sorry it started with so many distractions.

Thanks also to Shaun for managing to remove our ‘drunk mate’ without too many hassles.

Our next meeting will be the AGM and the last meeting for 2011.

At this meeting Jill has made a presentation for us to see, which is about “The Camera Club’ in general.   Looking forward to seeing it Jill.    Other members who did the Tiritiri Matangi trip, will also be bringing along some of their images.   Should make an interesting night.

The AGM will be at Kerikeri on the 8th December at the earlier time of 6 pm.   Everybody please to bring a plate of food to share.