Thanks John for your presentation on Sports and Action Photography.   Very interesting and I feel we are all far more informed now on the technique of ‘panning.’

It was brought to our attention the state of the cups etc. at our Kaikohe venue.   This situation can only get worse because all the kitchen cupboards have now been locked and the detergent, clothes etc. cannot be used.   As from our next meeting the Club will be supplying paper cups, teaspoons etc, therefore also saving the job of washing-up.   The used cups will be put into a plastic bag and Alan will dispose of them at home.

The subject for next months meeting is ‘New Life.’   As this gives a wide range of subjects, we should get an interesting range of images.   This month it is digital only.   Don’t forget your original images as well as your final adjusted image.   Maybe, whoever took the photos could give a brief rundown as to what adjustments etc. have been made to bring it up to the final result.

Thanks John for bringing along your glass-beaded screen.   It appears the images were better on this screen with images being clearer and more true to colour.   A slight alteration to the brightness on the projector also improved the images.   Alan is checking on prices for a beaded screen, and will update us at our next meeting.

We were hoping to add a ‘tip of the month’ in each newsletter, but to date I have not received any.

At the August meeting time was short so we didn’t see the ‘Logos” that have been designed.   Please bring them all along to the next meeting as the end of the year is looming fast and we are going to run out of time.

The Kawakawa Vintage Railway workshop was a great success.   Everybody thoroughly enjoying it and the outcome were some very good images.

Next months meeting will be on the 13th October at Cherry Park House, Kerikeri starting at 7 pm.