Alan gave his presentation on Portrait Photography, which of course was most interesting with next months subject being ‘Portraits’ (Prints only this time)

Some members brought their cameras along so it became a hands-on evening which always makes it more interesting, and better for learning.

Thanks Alan for all the time and effort you put into this, and thanks also to our two models – John A. and Dot.

Thanks Claire B. for bringing along the Camera Club Photography books so everyone could see exactly what we have got.   If anyone has taken a book on loan, please email Claire so she can keep a record of it.

If anyone is interested in ordering photo paper, remember Irene has found a supplier who is prepared to give us discount.  The price difference is quite amazing.    A ‘named’ brand is approx. $2.28 – $2.90 per A4 sheet.   This paper is 59c per A4 sheet.

For those who are interested go to and click ‘Other Products’ then ‘Printing Products’ then ‘Inkjet Media-Cut Sheet.’    Next order whatever you require and then proceed to ‘Check-Out’. Camera Club Members have a redemption code to put in ‘Enter Your Redemption Code.’ Enquire Coral or Denis for this.  At this stage he will give us 10% discount, but if more orders are placed he is prepared to give a bigger discount.   The packets are twenty A4/A3 sheets.

Next months meeting will be on the 8th September at Kaikohe Citizen’s
Hall, Tawanui Road,
Kaikohe at 7 pm.